The following is a POLICY, and a list of things to do and not to do when adding downloads. This is a policy of the Encyclopedia of SimGolf, and not following it will result in getting BLOCKED.

General Downloads

First of all, all downloads are to be SimGolf related, and can be in any form. The list of downloads and their extensions include:

  • Character files: (with extension .chr)
  • Pro Golfers: (with extension .pro)
  • Mods: (These include extensions .wav, any images, .zip to save space, ect.)
  • Stories: These have extension .txt

Story Rules

All stories must be CLEAN, and have to be approved by an administrator of the Encyclopedia of SimGolf.

ALL SWEAR WORDS ARE FORBIDDEN!!! If an administrator believes the story has something inappropriate, he or she reserves the right to remove it!

Character and Pro Rules

You are not to encourage the other users to drink, or encourage the player playing SimGolf with your download to drink. Any mention, or implying of any drug is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN! This includes any form of tobacco, methamphetamine, injection, or any slang for alcohol or any drug. Any mention of this in a download will have it removed and have the submitter blocked.

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